10 Tips for Building a Strong Instagram Presence


2023-05-03 • 3 min read


Instagram has long ceased to be a place just for posting photos of cats and food. This is a full-fledged business tool that brings companies real money. However, not every business conducts its Instagram activities correctly. The fact is that you need to follow some recommendations. We will review these recommendations in this article. To begin with, we will tell you in more detail why you need to use this social media in your business. • With the help of Instagram, you can increase your brand awareness. People spend a lot of time on social media. According to GWI, the average adult spends 2.5 hours a day doing it. Therefore, you will have a great opportunity to constantly remind your subscribers about the existence of your company. • Instagram will help you find new clients. The social media advertises your services. For example, your company sells bouquets of flowers. There is a possibility that a person who has never heard of your company, but saw your post with flowers in the recommendations, will subscribe to your page and use your services in the future. • With the help of Instagram, you can easily communicate with different clients. Use hashtags and targeted ads. It's an inexpensive and easy way to get great coverage. • You will outperform your competitors who don’t use this social media. A company that refuses such a useful tool loses an important competitive advantage. In addition, you can simply sell your services or products directly through Instagram. Many customers like this way of buying much more than buying through the site or by phone. By the way, you can buy a ready-made account instead of creating your own one. To do this, visit this page. You can choose an account with a different number of followers. Let's move on to ten tips that will help you be successful on Instagram.

Think Carefully About the Visual Design Of The Page

What is the most important thing on Instagram? That's right, appearance, visual images. It is best if the main photo of the page is made in the colors of the brand. This picture should be eye-catching so that the client can easily find the desired page in the list of subscriptions. Seek help from a professional designer to get a guaranteed high-quality result. Use photos for posts made in the same style. Choose a color scheme. Use the same filters (1-2). By the way, the same applies to the text. Create a tone of voice and make all posts according to it.

Use a Business Account

This is a mandatory item for a company that wants to run their business through Instagram. You will get access to free analytical tools. With their help, you will be able to track the performance of your posts. How to get more followers on Instagram? Do what your existing followers like. Analytical tools will give you insight into which posts and ideas your clients value the most. In addition, you will get access to promotional tools. You will be able to develop advertising campaigns aimed at specific groups of the target audience. Another important point is automatic publications. You’ll can pre-schedule the publication of certain posts. The system will automatically add them to the feed at a certain point.

Verify Your Account

Famous personalities and brands can verify their page. Practice shows that people trust such accounts more. In addition, according to unconfirmed information, Instagram actively distributes posts published on such pages. By the way, if you have unscrupulous copycats (scammers) on Instagram, the little blue checkmark will help your customers find your page. However, you should know that Instagram doesn’t approve the application of every company. If your company is not attracting much interest right now, you may be rejected. To increase your chances of success, gather a large audience on Instagram and make several dozen posts before applying. Also, don’t leave links to other social medias in your posts. It is unlikely that Instagram will approve your application if you are advertising their competitors. How to get verified on Instagram? Go to settings and select "Account". Then choose "Request verification". You will need to upload a photo of a document that proves that you are related to your company. Instagram will ask you to briefly describe your company and audience. Leave the information in the appropriate boxes.

Always Use Instagram Insights

As mentioned above, analytics is extremely important in this matter. Instagram Insights is useful from several perspectives. Firstly, you can find out how effective this or that post is, how much it contributed to the promotion of your page. Secondly, you will get more information about the audience that reads your posts. Specifically, Instagram Insights will give you insight into when your followers are most likely to be online. You will be able to publish your posts at the optimal time, increasing the effectiveness of each of them.

Schedule Your Posts

Don't add posts to the feed randomly. What is the best time to post on Instagram? Practice shows that posts posted in the morning (10-11 a.m.) and evening (7-8 p.m.) get the most likes and reposts. People love to scroll through the Instagram feed at breakfast or on their way to work. And, of course, many users devote time to this business in the evening. The number of posts per day is another important point. Don’t overwhelm the feed with 20-30 posts. Subscribers might get bored. And vice versa: you shouldn’t "keep silence" for several days. Many people unfollow accounts that show too little activity. At the very beginning, it will be enough to make 3-5 posts a day. Of course, if you have useful information for these posts. After 6 months, you can increase the amount to 10-12. If you need to make a lot of posts, add the most important ones to the feed, and send the rest to stories.

Use Hashtags

This will increase the chance that a user who hasn’t yet subscribed to the page will accidentally stumble upon your account. See which hashtags are really popular and use them. Of course, each hashtag must be related to your business. It is better not to use more than 5 hashtags in one post.

Run Contests

People love prizes. Instagram users willingly participate in contests and giveaways, the condition of which is simply a subscription to one account. Of course, a certain number of new readers will unsubscribe from the page after the event ends. But, practice shows that this method is still very effective in terms of increasing the number of subscribers.

Respond to Comments, Communicate with the Audience

Instagram should be more than just a place where you share information with your audience. This social network should be a tool for communication with customers. In this case, people will trust you more, because they will know that they can always get feedback right on their favorite Instagram. Try to respond to as many comments as possible. Be friendly. A good SMM specialist knows how to properly communicate with the audience.

Create Diverse Content

If the user has subscribed to your page, this is only half the battle. You need to constantly delight him with a variety of content so that the person doesn’t lose interest. What types of content can you create? You probably know what posts and stories are. But, not everyone is familiar with reels. What is a reel on Instagram? These videos are up to 15 seconds long. You can film whatever you want and overlay music from Facebook library on the video. If you want, you can use your own sound. Unlike stories, reels don't disappear after 24 hours. This content will be on your page for as long as you need. How to make a reel on Instagram? Everything is simple. Go to the reels section in the app and press the button depicting a camera. After that, video recording will start.

Take a Look at Pages of Your Competitors

Of course, you will not get access to analytics, but you can still find useful information for yourself. See which posts get the most likes and comments. See what activities competitors are doing: for example, polls, contests. Read the comments and find out if subscribers like such events or not. Pay attention to negative comments. Don't repeat the mistakes of your competitors. It would be a good idea to write some question in private messages. You will find out which script the SMM specialist uses to communicate with the audience. Do you want to use some of your methods? Why not? Try something new, experiment. And always pay attention to the feedback from your subscribers.

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