General rules for any social network account using:

It should be understood that any social network has some degree of protection against multi-accounting. Features of working with accounts for different social networks may be different, but in general, there are rules for any social network.

  1. You need to use 1 account with 1 IP on 1 device

    This is the most important rule and it applies to all social networks. The use of low-quality IPs from which other accounts are used inevitably leads to blocking.

  2. Do not change data or security settings right away after a new login

    Changing settings, profile or login information immediately after a new deposit from a new device may result in a ban or restrictions.

  3. Don't use accounts for advertising or spam immediately after a new login. Warm up your account first, using it as a real person would use it.
  4. Your account is your responsibility. After purchasing an account and logging into it, all responsibility for any actions, as well as the security of the account, lies with you.
  5. After warming up your account, change passwords and account recovery methods so as not to lose access to them

Adding backup emails, enabling 2FA, and so on makes it possible to ensure the security of the account and avoid its loss in the event of a hack or leak of social network databases.

Facebook Account

General rules for using Facebook accounts:

  1. You need to use one account with 1 IP on one device. The IP you are using with the account should not be used with other Facebook accounts. The IP country should match the registration country of the account. In case of using bad IP or different country IP from account the following problems can occur:
    • Wrong Credentials
    • Temporarily Blocked Because You’re Going Too Fast
    • All accounts used from 1 IP will be blocked
  2. Don`t change any data after login for at least 7 days of warming up. Login from a new device and IP are already suspicious actions, and changing any data is also suspicious action for Facebook, after reaching the limit of suspicious activity account can be locked
  3. Don't try to use your accounts for advertising right after you sign in. Accounts should be warmed up before running ads. This action can issue restrictions from advertising activity

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook BM is transferring as an invitation link. To connect the BM to your account you need to:

  1. Go through the link on the profile (it should be already logged in)
  2. Enter your Name
  3. Enter the password from the account
  4. Done. The BM is connected to your account.

You need to accept the link to BM within 24 hours from the date of purchase. Links are temporary and may expire!
Warranty policy: FB BM is guaranteed for 48 hours from the moment you receive your order. The guarantee is void if you add a payment method or launch ads.

Instagram Account

General rules for using Instagram accounts:

  1. You need to use 1 account with 1 IP on 1 device.
  2. Observe action limits and their intervals. Spam in DM and a large number of posts can lead to restrictions or blocking

Gmail Account

General rules for using Google accounts:

  1. You need to use one account with 1 IP on 1 device. Using a low-quality IP or a device previously used with other accounts may result in account blocking
  2. Respect the limits when sending messages or leaving comments and feedback. Exceeding the limits may result in the restriction or blocking of accounts
  3. Your account is your responsibility. After the transfer, it is recommended to add a phone number, recovery email, and change password. It is in this order since when changing the password, there is a chance that Google will send the code to the phone used when registering the account. Please note that adding the new number by Google may take up to 7 days.

Discord Account

For Discord accounts we recommend logging into accounts exclusively with a token.

Instructions for login through a token:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Go to discord.com/login
  3. Press F12 (or Ctrl + Shift + I).
  4. Select the "Console" tab and enter the code below.
  5. Replace the word "TOKEN" in the last line with your actual token and press ENTER.

Warranty policy:

Our service guarantees:

  1. 48 hours guarantee after purchase for validity of goods in case of adhering to the rules of usage
  2. Confidentiality of data
  3. Replacement of goods in case of invalidity due to the fault of our service. Namely: blocking, deleting, or incorrect data in the account with an active guarantee that were not caused by your actions.
  4. Refund if the invalid account cannot be replaced or delivered.

If you have followed all the rules and still have problems, don't hesitate to contact our support team, they will always help you find the cause and try to fix the problem or make a replacement product

We don't provide product replacement or refund, in case of blocking or restrictions caused by your actions after a successful login.

Carefully choose the product and read its description, you would be denied a replacement or refund, in case of an erroneous purchase.

We don’t make replacements or refunds if you received your account details and decided not to use it.

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