FB Accs: Aged 2007-2014 Registered Facebook Accounts for Ads with 2 Business Managers added and Marketplace enabled - TR

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Содержание Да
Дата регистрации:
Пол Мульти
Язык названия аккаунта Latin
Страна регистрация IP Да
Подтверждение адреса электронной почты Да
Регистрация электронной почты Да
Включение адреса электронной почты включены
Регистрация по телефону Нет
Регистрация по телефону Нет


  • Softreg Turkish Facebook Accounts;
  • Registered in 2007-2014 registered;
  • Registered with TR IP;
  • 2 Business Managers added/created;
  • Suitable for Advertising;
  • Daily spending limit in each BM - $50/250;
  • Marketplace enabled;
  • Full Name could differ from Country of registration;
  • The profile can be empty or fulfilled;
  • Fan page created;
  • Cookies included;
  • Email may not work

Recommended actions after the first login:

1) Add the phone number. Phone number must be unique and have not previously been used in FB accounts.

2) Upload your photo to the profile. It's better to take a photo from your mobile phone so that the photo is unique! Previously used in FB photos can't be used.

In case the account will be blocked, or there will be a selfie check, you will be able to unblock your account without any problems.

We only guarantee the first successful login to your account.

Example of authorization data (The format is for guidance only and may vary slightly):

login:password:email:email password:ID 1 BM: ID 2 BM:uid:cookies

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