Welcome to our FAQ page! Please make sure to read our Important Information page first, before purchasing products from our website. This page contains information and answers to the most frequent questions addressed to our service. If you haven’t found the answer to your question or you wish to submit a custom Order, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 Support Team.

How to buy accounts on AccsMaster?

Everything is straightforward, choose the position you are interested in and the number of accounts you want to order, enter the promo code if you have one, enter the email you want to receive the order to, and select the payment method you wish to pay. After successful payment, the order will be automatically delivered to the email you mentioned, and a download link in your personal account

How quickly will the order be delivered?

Our system works automatically and immediately after confirmation of payment by the payment processor, it sends your order if the purchase is ready for delivery. Some positions are prepared to order, so you need to focus on the approximate delivery time indicated in the item description or check the availability and delivery time in the support chat. The maximum delivery time for most items is 48 hours.

I don't understand what data I got in txt file

The txt file you have received includes your account credentials. You can check the format of the credentials in the product description on our website. Account credentials usually start with Login:Password and may contain other data like email access, cookies, user agent, etc. depending on account type.

What to do before using an account?

The most important thing is to read the Important Information on our website, read and follow the recommendations of usage for accounts. Even if you are already an experienced SMM specialist, advertiser, or affiliate, and have been working with accounts for a long time, you can always learn something new from us, because we share both our own and the experience of our clients and farmers, how to work safely with accounts and how how to fix a problem. By following our recommendations, you can save time and money

What IP should be used?

Each account, purchased on our website, requires a dedicated proxy to be used. You should set up your proxy to an IP of the country, where your account is registered.

How to set up a proxy?

Each proxy provider has a guide on how to make all the settings up. You should visit your proxy provider’s website and find a detailed guide there.

What does Softreg mean?

This means registering with the help of software, that is, a bot or a special program without human intervention.

What is a PVA account?

PVA means Phone Verified Account, that is, the phone number is confirmed in the account by accepting SMS. Many social media don’t allow the use of some features or in some other way restrict accounts in which a phone number is not added, as this is considered an additional degree of protection and verification that the account is used by a real person.

2-factor authentication enabled. How to get a code?

2FA turned on. While login Facebook will ask you to enter the 6-digit code generated by a third-party application. To get this code you need to install Google Authenticator or Сhrome extension Authenticator and enter the 2FA key you received with the account. It will show the code you need. Step-by-step guide on how to set everything up:

First of all you should install this Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/authenticator/bhghoamapcdpbohphigoooaddinpkbai/related

Once the extension is set up you should import your 2FA key to be able to generate a code. You should open the extension, click “+” icon in the top right corner, select “Manual” and paste a 32-digit 2FA key which is included in your txt file with account credentials. After performing these actions, the extension will generate the 6-digit code which you should paste to Facebook.

Please note that the code is temporary and lasts for about 10 seconds after being generated, please, make sure you are pasting the code in time before it expires.

How to login with cookies?

If cookies are included in the account data, we recommend logging in using them to perform a secure login.

Guide on login with cookies: How to Import and Export Cookies with Google Chrome: detailed step-by-step guide.

Working add-ons for Google Chrome and Mozilla:



Account asking for confirmation from the email, what should I do?

Most of the accounts have email access included in the txt file with credentials. If you are asked for a code from an email, you should log in to the email using the credentials provided and accept the code.

How and how long to warm up an account before changing data or launching ads on Facebook?

You should warm up a profile for at least 7 days before checking the ad account, connecting with a Business Manager, or clicking on the Marketplace. Account should be also fully warmed up before you change any data in the profile including email, password, or any personal data. (Please note: if you have purchased a Warmed account and logged in using cookies, 3 days of warmup is enough)

To warm up a profile you should simply imitate a normal user activity (scroll feed, watch videos). It’s better to avoid liking, commenting, sharing, and adding friends and content, because Facebook may notice a change in interests.

Can I change the data in the Facebook profile?

You should warm up a profile for at least 7 days before and after changing any data or settings.

How and when should I change a password on a Facebook account?

You must warm up your profile for at least 7 days before and after changing your password, and email, or add your own phone number to your account.

If nevertheless, you plan to change the password immediately at your own peril and risk, then we recommend that you do this only through https://m.facebook.com/hacked, so you can change your account data with the least risk of blocking it. But remember, by performing such actions, you void the warranty and perform them at your own risk.

How to fix Facebook Wrong Credentials

Facebook may say that the password is incorrect if your proxy doesn’t match the country where the profile was registered and/or if you are using an unreliable proxy.

Accounts purchased on our website should be used with a dedicated clean browser on your PC/dedicated device, which has never been used with other accounts before. Please, be advised that it is not recommended to use Incognito Mode of your browser as it does not make your browser clean. In addition, we also do not recommend using Incogniton or GoLogin anti-detect browsers as they are recognized by Facebook and the account automatically gets on a checkpoint.

In addition to the above-mentioned, you should use a dedicated IP (proxy) for each profile. The country of proxy should match the country where your profile is registered. The IP should be clean - not used with any other accounts before. We don't recommend using personal IP, free VPNs, or shared proxies as they are not safe enough.

If you are still sure that everything is configured correctly on your side, you can contact our support team and we will check the correctness of the data specified in the account.

Why am I being Denied Access to Facebook?

There are 3 login details that can be used to login into Facebook: Email, Phone number, and UID If you are facing an “Access denied” error, you should try 2 other ways and 1 of them should work.

UID is a set of numbers, which can be found in the ending part of your profile link after https://www.facebook.com/. Some accounts have UID mentioned separately in the account details.

SMS code sent, can I get it?

Accounts are registered with virtual phone numbers, so, unfortunately, there’s no access to those phone numbers. Please, make sure you have set up a clean browser and a proxy correctly. If all the settings are made correctly, you should not be asked for additional phone verification.

What is BM Facebook?

FB BM is short for Facebook Business Manager. Business Manager is a Facebook tool for running ads. The main advantage of using the BM compared to running ads via the ads account in your profile is that you can spend bigger daily budgets and select a country to target (you are not limited to a country where the account is registered).

Please, be advised that you will need a trusted Facebook profile with no advertising access restrictions to be able to accept and use the BM.

How to add BM to your account?

Facebook BM are transferred to your personal account as an invitation link. To accept the Business Manager, you should simply open the link in a browser, where you are logged into your Facebook account.

  1. Go through the link on the profile (it should be already logged in)
  2. Enter your Name
  3. Enter the password from the account
  4. Done. BM is connected to your account.

How to warm up Facebook Business Manager?

  1. Please accept the link only on warmed and trusted profiles. Connecting BM to the bad account may decrease limits or lead to the blockage of ad accounts or BM itself.
  2. If you want to delete other administrators let us know via support chat, or change the role of another administrator to the employee.
  3. After connecting Facebook Business Manager to your account it's important to add the payment method. It's better to do it within 6-12 hours. Don’t leave the BM without a payment method.
  4. Don't create new invitations for administrators in BM until you make the first spending on it
  5. Add only real bank cards from trusted banks. Virtual bank cards can be used only after some spending in Business Manager
  6. You can't use bank cards previously used by other Business managers, it can lead to restrictions or blockage
  7. You need to accept the invitation link within 24 hours of receiving the order. Invitations to Facebook Business Manager are time-limited and can't last more than 30 days
  8. Check the verification on the stage of accepting the invitation link, after entering your name the status of verification in business will be shown.
  9. Don't launch your ads right away, it's better to start slowly with several hours of delays after each step
  10. Don't start running ads with conversion campaigns or posts promoting
  11. Start running ads with traffic campaigns with low budgets. Manual payments and not reaching the threshold will increase the trust for your account and Business Manager from Facebook.
  12. Don't create a new ad account until you have adjusted the daily limit in the first ad account
  13. Create some draft campaigns first. Even if you don't plan to use BM right away
  14. Start your ad campaigns slowly. Try to do all like Newby. Let it save the edits first then put it in the draft wait for some minutes and then publish it.
  15. Use in BM only trusted Fan Pages. Don’t use banned Fan pages in the Business Manager

Which accounts cannot connect to BM?

Please note, that you should not connect a BM to your account if the account has advertising functionality restrictions or had any blocked BMs connected to it earlier.

Where is the password to BM?

BMs are delivered as an invitation link with administrator access. A profile is not included in the order. You should have a trusted profile with no advertising access restrictions to be able to accept the BM.

What does BM limit mean?

Business Managers differ in their daily spending limits. The limit shows the amount that you can spend in 1 day. You should choose the offer according to your spending needs.

What is the difference between unverified and verified BM?

Verified BMs are verified with company documents. Unlike unverified Business Managers, verified ones are not always tied to daily limits, they may not have limits on daily spending

How to open a business account on Facebook?

There are several ways to create a Facebook Business Manager on your account, through your Facebook account or Instagram account, but if you do not do this all the time, then we do not recommend that you try to do it yourself. With a high probability, you can get restrictions on advertising functionality or simply get to the account identity verification checkpoint. On our website a wide range of FB BM is presented, for various needs.

What payment method to use in BM?

You should connect a physical credit card from a legit bank that was never used with Facebook before. It can be registered in any country under any name. You can use virtual credit cards or PayPal, but not straight away. The physical credit card should be used for at least a few days.

What can be changed in BM?

In unverified Business Managers, you can change any data, including company data, currency, and time zones of ad accounts. The only thing that can be done is only if there are no ads running in it at the moment. Regarding verified Business Managers, you cannot change the company data in them, as this may lead to the removal of verification status.

What do you need to do after connecting BM to your account?

Once you have accepted the invitation you should immediately turn on 2FA and restrict another administrator’s access as soon as this option is available (you can remove him later). These actions are important to prevent BM from being hacked.

How to leave Business Manager?

To remove yourself from Business Manager:

Open Business Settings.

Go to the Business Info section.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. In the My Info section, click Leave Business [Business Name].

In BM $250, when creating a campaign, it shows a daily limit of $50

All BMs require a little bit of warm up after connecting. Please, connect a payment method and make some spends. You should completely spend BM’s daily spending limit for 2-3 days. Facebook always lifts the limit to $250 after a few successful billings.

How to create a business Facebook page without a personal account?

No. Unfortunately, without a Facebook account, there is no way to create a Group or Page, since this functionality is available only if you have a personal profile. But at the same time, after creation, you have the opportunity to add other administrators, editors, or other employees to the page, as well as transfer the rights of the owner of the page. Also in our marketplace, a wide range of Facebook pages of various types is available.

How to unlock Facebook account?

When you try to log in from a new device and IP or perform a series of suspicious actions on your account, according to Facebook algorithms, your account may get to the checkpoint. In most cases, Facebook will try to verify your identity and in one way or another confirm that you are the owner of the account. There are the following options for verifying the identity of the account owner.

  1. Receiving a code by email
  2. Entering a code from a third-party application or 2FA code
  3. SMS to the phone number
  4. Checking the date of birth specified in the account
  5. Selfie check where you need to insert a profile photo
  6. Identity verification by uploading identity documents
  7. Video selfie check (upload a photo of yourself)
  8. Determine which of the actions were performed on the account, for example, determining your comments or photos of friends
  9. Ask friends for help

Often, which of the options will be available in order to unlock a Facebook account depends on the information specified in the profile, the region, and the reason for blocking the account. After successfully completing one of the checks, you can open a Facebook account.

Why is Instagram not sending me a code?

Sometimes, Instagram can have a problem with sending codes via email. If your code from Instagram does not reach the email, you should reset the email on Instagram:

  1. Go through the link https://help.instagram.com/contact/151081798582137
  2. Choose the second option «I can't add my email to my Instagram account because it is already in use.» Put email from the account And in an explanation of the issue put «Verification code not received»
  3. After 5-10 min an email will come with the option to reset the mail, but you don’t need to open it.

After that, you can log into your account and the codes will reach an email.

Unable to sign in to Instagram account or account disabled

If you have purchased an Instagram account and are experiencing problems logging in or if Instagram shows that the account has been blocked. In this case, you need to contact our support, describing the situation and, if possible, immediately providing information about which browser and proxy were used, and whether other Instagram accounts were used on this device, attaching all screenshots showing the problem.

Are the followers on our Instagram accounts real?

In general, yes, with a small number of bots. But you should understand that these subscribers are motivated traffic that is achieved with the help of offers, you should not expect any engagement from these subscribers. Subscriber pages look as similar as possible to people's pages and have very little unsubscribe rate compared to bot subscribers.

How to make your Instagram a business account?

To switch your personal account to the Business: Go to the general menu and find the "Settings" section. You can switch to a business account in the "Account" section. There will be a button "Switch to a professional account"

Twitter is not sending verification code. How to fix it?

After recent updates, Twitter can sometimes have issues sending emails. Please, try performing the further actions in order to fix the issue:

  1. Click on the "Change a password" option.
  2. You will be sent a letter to change your password.
  3. Your account will get blocked for suspicious actions and you will be asked to add a phone number to continue using Twitter.
  4. Add and confirm a phone number. You can use an SMS activating service. You should use the number of the country where your profile is registered. Or if you have a phone number that has never been used with Twitter before, you can use it.
  5. After that, you will be able to receive codes from Twitter.

How to recover suspended Twitter account?

It should be understood that Twitter has several types of blocking and not all of them are permanent.

There are several types of blocks on Twitter:

  1. Temporary restrictions on actions. In this case, you do not need to do anything, but you just need to wait. Often, Twitter immediately writes how long the restriction will be lifted.
  2. Permanent account blocking. A feature of this type of blocking is that you can in no way use such an account, neither read nor write tweets, nor send messages. The only way to unlock is to fill out the account unlock form https://help.twitter.com/forms/general?subtopic=suspended
  3. Time restrictions due to suspicious activity, such as logging in from a new device and IP. In this case, it is enough to add a phone and confirm the email.

If during the first log-in, you are getting a message that your account is blocked, it does not mean that it is restricted, it is a security message, about suspicious login attempts. You are getting the message due to device and IP changes. You should click "Next" and proceed with the verification. Firstly you will be required to pass a captcha to make sure you are not a robot. After that, you will be asked to add a phone number. After connecting a phone number you will be able to use the accounts without any restrictions.

How to create a Gmail account without a phone number?

At the moment, there is no way to register a gmail account without a phone number. Google no longer allows you to register accounts with email or without anything. The only possible option is to register an account on a phone number.

How to secure your Gmail account after purchase?

On the purchased Gmail account, we strongly recommended adding your phone number, and recovery email, and enabling two-factor authentication. In Gmail accounts, it is not necessary to confirm the additional mail that is used to log in, therefore the mails used are random, and you need to add the mail to which you will have access in order to always be able to log into your account.

How to change the password and recovery email in Gmail account correctly?

The main point in changing security settings is adding a new phone number. Despite the fact that the old phone is deleted from the account when you try to change the security settings, Google sends an SMS to a remote number that cannot be accessed. It is also worth considering that a new number can be linked to an account for up to 7 days. After the number is added, you can proceed to further configure the security settings and the new email recovery while deleting the old one, and then enabling double authentication. You can also set the verification priority, for example, if you use a rental phone number that you plan to delete

Gmail account asks for SMS from a previous phone number

Sometimes, when you try to make any changes in the account, Gmail may ask you to accept a code from an SMS, sent to a phone number, which has been previously connected to the account. In order to be able to accept an SMS, you should add your phone number to the profile, clean your browser and log into the account one more time. The SMS should be sent to the newly added number.

Gmail is asking to add phone number

The accounts are phone verified, but the phone number is deleted before delivery. It is needed in order to avoid additional phone number checkpoints after the device and IP changes. You should add your own phone number as soon as possible after logging in. If you don't have a phone number that you can add, we recommend using the services of rental numbers or SMS activators.

What is a TikTok business account?

TikTok business account is a Tiktok advertising account designed specifically for companies and private entrepreneurs to advertise on the Tiktok platform. It is a separate part of the platform and is created separately; you also need to log into it with a separate login form. Unlike the advertising functionality that is in the creator's account, there is the ability to work with third-party platforms, for example for schedule video posting, the ability to add a link to your site, connect with the store, as well as more detailed analytics that can be downloaded.

Why did my Ads TikTok account get banned?

The main reasons for blocking a TikTok Business account are:

  1. Suspicious activity. In this case, the blocking can be both accidental and for an attempt to enter from an IP that does not match the country of the account.
  2. For promotional content. Such blockages generally occur immediately after launch, or within the first few hours. TikTok is very attentive to products and services advertised on their site, especially if they are medical thematic, such products cannot be placed on the site without confirmation of the availability of all documents and certificates. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the rules of advertising on Tiktok and the list of prohibited goods.
  3. Landing page violations. Although this information is not officially written, through trial and error, we figured out a number of points that the landing page must comply with in order to pass moderation on Tiktok. Always indicate the exact cost of the product or service, it must match the one in the advertisement. If the discrepancies are a few cents or %, you risk getting blocked. Place a phone number and a physical address on the landing page, ideally with a map marker. If, during moderation, your contact form looks like a feedback form or just an email, then your account will be blocked.

Hotmail/Outlook account is blocked. What to do?

If Hotmail/Outlook writes that the account is blocked, then in most cases it just wants to add a phone number. All you need to do is click Next, add, and verify the phone number and that's all, access to the mailbox is unlocked. Also, if you added a phone number using the services of SMS activators, then after adding the recovery email, you can delete the phone number

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