FB Accs: Warmed Business Manager with $1500 Daily spending limit and 5 Ads accounts

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Язык названия аккаунта Latin
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Заказ may take up to 48 Hours to Deliver.


Facebook BMs are transferred to your personal account as an invitation link. 

  • BM created on Aged Trusted Profile mostly from MIX countries
  • The business manager already warmed up and has previous spending
  • 5 Ad account has already been added/created
  • Ad account currency - $
  • Max ad accounts count - 5
  • Daily spending limit - $1500

NOTE: To accept the invitation, you must already have the warmed-up account.

You need to accept the invitation link within 24 hours after the order receiving
After connecting Business Manager to your profile, be sure to remove administrators when the opportunity arises or let us know to leave

Example of authorization data (The format is for guidance only and may vary slightly):

invitation link

Мгновенная доставка Поддержка 24/7 100% Защищено

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