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Many tiny businesses and big brands use Facebook in their marketing strategy. Facebook is a great tool for advertising, as it is easy to use and extremely effective. Facebook is a popular platform so, by applying the correct approach, you can find a target authority for almost any product you advertise. A wide variety of tools offered by the Facebook Advertising account are going to help you to run your ads correctly. Using Facebook you can: 

  1. target specific audiences with ads based on their interests and demographics;

  2. set goals for your campaign (such as sales boosting, driving traffic to a website, increasing brand awareness, and so on);

  3. use analytics to track your progress. 

There are a few ways to run ads via Facebook, one of the most effective ones is the Business manager. Business manager is a Facebook tool for running ads that offers a wider functionality compared to personal profile ads account. To get yourself a BM you should have a warmed-up and trusted profile to accept and use the BM with. Such a combination is probably the best way to run ads via Facebook. AccsMaster offers a comprehensive solution: you can buy Facebook profiles with BMs already connected.


Why should I buy Aged FB accounts on AccsMaster? 

If you are looking for a Facebook Marketplace Account for sale which will be suitable for Ads you should take a look at our 2007-2014 registered profiles with BMs added. An offer is the ultimate option for advertising on Facebook. 

As the accounts are delivered without content added, you should change a name and a profile picture to yours once a profile is received. These actions allow you to secure yourself to pass the ID checkpoint easily (in case you get one): you will be able to provide all the required information without any issues. 

Business Manager connected to the account gives you a wider functionality compared to the standard profile’s ads account: in BM you can select a time zone, currency, and country to target. This option will come in handy for those who would like to target a country, different from the one in which the account is registered or for those who want to target different countries simultaneously (you can do that by creating multiple ads account in a BM). If you have some additional questions or need any help setting everything up, please, do not hesitate to contact our support team. 

If you are looking for the top Facebook marketing solution for your business - the 2007-2014 Facebook account with BM added is a way to go. 

Where to buy Aged FB account with Marketplace? 

Are you looking for FB Profiles for sale? AccsMaster offers your attention to a wide variety of accounts for any type of need! Before purchasing an account, you should understand that not all the profiles have access to Marketplace, 2007-2014 profiles have access to it. On our website you can Buy FB Profiles with marketplace fast and securely for a reasonable price. Feel free to check the available stock and make a purchase. 

Can my Facebook account be sold to someone else? 

It is impossible as we have our delivery process automated so that each account's credentials can be sold by a system only once. In addition, you receive all the required credentials to the account, so you can change personal information after receiving it. What is more, we recommend changing email and password to yours after the account is fully warmed up for additional security. 

Why should I buy FB profile on AccsMaster?  

AccsMaster is the best place to buy a Facebook profile and here are 5 reasons why: 

  1. The highest quality only FB Profiles for sale

  2. Warranty and 24/7 real-human technical support; 

  3. Multiple payment methods support, you can choose the most comfortable one for you;

  4. Reasonable prices and promo campaigns; 

  5. Special prices when buying in bulk. 

2007-2014 registered Facebook Account with BM added - FAQ

Can I buy aged FB accounts?

Yes, we offer a wide range of old accounts for sale. You should select a position you would like to purchase, click the “Buy” button, select a payment method, and proceed with a purchase.

Is it possible to buy Facebook Profile with Marketplace?

Yes it is. 2007-2014 registered profiles have access to Marketplace.

How long to deliver my order?

We offer fast delivery to almost all the profiles (there are positions that are offered with instant delivery). You can check more information on delivery time in each offer description. Purchasing Facebook accounts with AccsMaster is fast, easy, and secure!