API For Resellers

Reselling just got easier! You can freely resell our accounts with your markup via the API.

After submitting a request to obtain an API token, your account status will be changed to a reseller account after approval and you will receive a personal API token. As your sales progress, you will be able to get permanent personal discounts to earn even more.

View detailed API documentation.

How It Works

Complete a simple registration process on the AccsMaster website or log in to your existing profile.

Get Reseller status

Submit a request to obtain the status of a reseller and generate your personal API token

Top up Balance

Top up the balance in your personal account on the website with any payment system. After placing an order using the API, funds will be automatically deducted from your personal balance on the website.

Start selling with API

The more you sell, the more you earn! Show us your sales and get permanent personal discounts to earn even more.

Our Advantages
Drip-Feed Posting

Only high-quality accounts

48-hours replacement warranty

48-hours replacement warranty

24/7 Support

24/7 Customer Service

100 000 Happy Customers

Personal conditions for resellers

100 000 Happy Customers

Frequent stock replenishment and assortment expansion

Where can I find the API documentation?

View detailed API documentation

What functions does the API support?

- Authorization - authorize and create a token;

- Get Products and Offers - get offers/products in json format;

- Purchase - buy products via api;

- Get user info: balance, etc.

What is the lifespan of API token?

At the moment, the token is functional for an unlimited amount of time, until it is deactivated

Where can I find the API token?

 After changing your profile status to a reseller, you can generate it via API authorization method

Can I use the same API across multiple sites?

Yes, you can. Our API token is not linked to a specific website, but a personal profile on AccsMaster

Is the AccsMaster API free?

By using our API, you pay only the cost of the purchased goods using the balance, the very use of the API is free.

How to pay for accounts via API?

To pay for goods transferred through the API, you must first replenish the Balance in your personal profile on AccsMaster, the funds will be automatically deducted when you make a purchase through the API

How quickly will the accounts be delivered?

Items available for instant delivery will be delivered instantly. Some of the products presented on our website are delivered within 48 hours, mostly these are products that are checked for compliance with certain characteristics (for example, the number of subscribers), are prepared to order, have a certain limit on the amount of time to use, or are in great demand. If you purchase a product with delivery up to 48 hours, you will receive a download link in which the purchased product will appear over time.

Can I use promo codes through the API?

Yes, the functionality of our API provides for the use of personal and general promo codes. You can read more about setting up the use of a promo code in API documentation.

How do I get a personal reseller promo code?

By contacting the live chat, you can leave a request to assign a personal promotional code to your account

How long does it take for a reseller's approval?

Most reseller status requests are processed within 48 hours

What data can you receive after integration with our API?
Payment Methods
paypal visa mastercard bitcoin altcoin capitalist dmca

Start earning with the AccsMaster API today!

Submit an application to become a reseller and get your personal API token. Start selling and get a discount!

Need help?

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