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Facebook is a massive platform that has a huge variety of features and tools for promotion. And usually, most customers make their choice towards a regular Facebook Ads profile. However, there are sometimes cases where buying Facebook Fan Page can be a more interesting choice with higher potential value. Most often Fan Page is a community inside Facebook that is dedicated to one specific topic. But it can also be used as a business account, which may represent a whole company or organization. This way you can promote not only one specific product of yours but all your products together with the whole brand.

What are the reasons to buy Fan Page?

Fan Pages are much more flexible in terms of different activities than regular profiles. And also has more functional features for promotion. Here are some of them

  • Easy branding. You can use your profile picture and your cover as a free banner for your company

  • Contact information blick. You can provide all the information customers may need about your company in one place and it is very easy to do

  • No need to search for customers. Unlike a regular Facebook profile, where you need to send a request yourself, customers will find your Fan Page themselves. 

  • FP is indexed by search engines. Basically as you, probably, found us just by typing in Google search, the same way customers may find your Fan Page.

  • Ads running. To increase your chances of appearing at the top of the search you can adjust targeted ads on your Fan Page

  • Messages and statistics. Running a Facebook Fan Page allows you to accept direct messages from customers inside it. On top of it, you get detailed statistics of your Fan Page

  • Delegation of duties. a Huge perk of using a Fan Page is the possibility to invite other people and give them administrator access so you don’t have to spend your own time running a Fan Page

What is the difference between Fan Page types?

The Fan Page is not a new feature on Facebook and it already had its major updates and changes. Here at AccsMaster, we offer these types of Fan Pages for sale

  • Aged Fan Pages. These are pages of older type and don’t have some of the newer functions. However, it still has a lot of cool features for promotion and many customers are getting away with them easily. On top of that they have a bit higher trust level as they were created earlier

  • New type Fan Pages. The main difference is that new type Fan Pages have more tools to work with ads specifically. Also, it looks quite similar to a regular profile which makes it more suitable for promoting yourself as a brand. For example, if you’re a blogger or influencer etc.

  • Fan Pages with BMs included. We have both new and old Fan Pages for sale with BMs connected already. Also, there are options for BM’s limits. To know more about Business managers and their benefits you may check this page