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If you are planning on starting to run ads on Facebook or have just started using a Facebook ads account you probably have heard about such a thing as Business Manager. Facebook BM (shortened from business manager) is a tool inside Facebook that allows you to run ads with a higher budget and with a bigger range of settings. But the best part is that since Facebook bought Instagram, and they have been grouped up in the company Meta, it is now possible to use a BM to run not only FB ads but also Instagram ads. This makes buying Facebook business manager quite a valuable investment in your promotion of a product or business.

What are the benefits of buying Facebook Business manager?

As much similar as BM may look like a regular Facebook Ads profile, there are some strong benefits of Facebook BM rather than just an ads profile. And the major one is the spending limit. Because while a regular Fb ads profile allows you to spend $20-30 daily on average, Business Managers start from $50 and up to unlimited. Plus as was mentioned before you have an opportunity to launch ads on your Instagram page. And on top of that BM allows you to adjust every ad with much more details in order to get the best result. In addition, we have a special Facebook Ads account for sale that is well-adapted for specific types of products. For more details please contact us at the support chat.

What are the differences in Facebook BMs?

The main difference between business managers is their spending limits. Here at AccsMaster, we offer BM for purchase with the next spending limits:

  • $50 BM. This is the most basic business manager. If you don’t want to spend big budgets on ads but want them to be more precise this is a great option for you

  • $250 BM. This is probably the greatest deal because the main feature of a $250 BM is the possibility to create up to 5 ad accounts, which isn’t possible to do with a $50 BM. Each of them will have a $250 daily limit, so the maximum daily spending for a $250 BM is $1250 

  • $350 BM. Basically, it has the same benefits as a $250 BM with a higher daily limit as well as the fact that BM is older and more trusted since these BMs were created a long time ago when the $350 limit still existed

  • Verified business manager. If you want to invest serious funds into the promotion of your product and don’t want to be limited then this option is for you. As verified BMs can have UNLIMITED daily spending. Also, they have a higher trust level as they have been verified with real company papers.

Why should you purchase a Business Manager account?

A lot of people who are running marketing agencies or who just want to promote their own products have different issues with BMs. The most common one is the problem with creating one. As nowadays often occurs, Facebook is blocking the profile most of the time when trying to create a BM. And it is also difficult to maintain BM active and increase spending limits to the wished level. Luckily you have an opportunity to buy FB business manager ready for use as here at Accsmaster you can buy Facebook Business Manager account with a warranty and 24/7 support in case of any questions.

How to buy Facebook Business Manager?

If you decided that you’d like to start advertising straight away and therefore wish to buy a BM here are simple steps on how to do it

  1. Check for available options for BMs with different daily spending limits in accordance with your budget. Also, you can always contact us at support chat for more details on certain BMs as well as bulk prices

  2. Enter the email address you would like the BM to be delivered to. You’ll receive it in form of an invitation link to a business manager

  3. Pick a convenient payment method for you. We have a wide variety of payment methods such as card payments, cryptocurrency, and others