Google Ads accounts for sale

On AccsMaster you can buy Google Ads Accounts with threshold, Google Adwords Accounts with Ad Spend and an active campaign, as well as Warmed up Google accounts for Google Ads creation

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Google Ads accounts for sale 

Google Ads is one of the world’s most popular platforms for running ads. It allows users to run ads on Google’s search results pages. In your ads management account you can find a wide variety of useful features which can help you to track and measure the effectiveness of your ads. It also allows you to target specific audiences with relevant content, which ensure the extremely high effectiveness of the launched ads. Thanks to the fact that it can be used in a variety of ways, Google Ads is a great tool for growing your business or personal brand. On AccsMaster you can buy Google AdWords account with a warranty.

Why should I buy Google Ads accounts for my business on AccsMaster 

Online marketing plays an important role in any of nowadays marketing strategies. Needless to say, over the past years, online advertising proved its effectiveness, as in most cases, a banner placed online in the Google search engine reaches way more potential customers than an offline banner placed somewhere in your city. What is more, online advertising campaigns allow you to measure the effectiveness of your ads and understand the progress of your marketing goals (offline or traditional media, such as TV or radio, ads don’t offer such functionality).

Ads accounts bought on AccsMaster are a perfect tool for running online marketing which is going to boost your sales and increase your website’s traffic. We offer Google AdWords accounts for sale for basically any need and budget, so you will definitely be the perfect option for you. 

What are benefits of buying Google Adwords Accounts on AccsMaster 

AccsMaster is a reputable accounts-selling platform, so by purchasing from us you can count on further benefits: 

  1. User-friendly website interface; 

  2. High-quality products for reasonable prices and fast delivery;

  3. Replacement warranty on each product you buy;

  4. Kind and helpful customer support team which is up to help you 24/7; 

  5. Regular discounts and promo campaigns; 

  6. Special prices for bulk orders. 

Google Ads Accounts - FAQ

Where can I buy Google AdWords Accounts for sale? How are they different from Google Ads accounts?

Google Ads is basically the new name of Google Adwords, so there is no difference at all.

Will I get a replacement if the account gets blocked?

According to our terms and conditions, if the delivered profile is faulty you will get a replacement. However, if the block is caused by actions performed by you - it is a non-warranty case. Please, check our “Important Information” section attentively before buying. Anyway, if you have faced the such issue, please, contact our support team and they will be glad to check how can we help.

Why should I buy an account? Why can’t I just create an account by myself?

Accounts offered on our website mostly have ads spent so the accounts are more trusted compared to the ones you can create by yourself. Accounts with spent in most cases last much longer than newly created ones.