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Telegram is an instant messaging platform similar to WhatsApp or Viber. However, due to its wider functionality and overall stability, Telegram gained more popularity among entrepreneurs over the past few years. Telegram offers some features, which come in handy for social media marketers. 

The most popular feature of telegram for business marketing is the ability to create channels that can be used to broadcast information to a wide audience. Brands often create their “company’s” Telegram channels, which they use to attract new customers or strengthen ties with already existing ones (providing them with information on the newest updates, answering their questions, and receiving feedback from them). In most cases, such channels are used for sharing company news or updates, sharing exclusive content, or sending promotions or offer to customers.

The second big advantage of Telegram for business is the ability to create bots that can be used to provide automated responses to customer questions or requests. This feature has proven itself to be extremely useful as it can not only reduce the load on the customer support team but also can help users with quick few-clicks purchases, promo-codes and discounts, and many other options. Bot can be set up to perform lots of different actions, so your imagination and your developer skills only limit the features you can add.

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Telegram Portable Accounts for Sale - FAQ

How are you going to deliver the account to me? How can I get and SMS-code?

Telegram accounts are delivered as an archive with data, required to log in. You need to extract data to a Telegram folder on your PC and you are logged in. You can get more information on log in process in product description, Important Information section, or by contacting our customer support team.

Can I place my Telegram Portable Accounts for Sale on AccsMaster?

Please, visit our Partnership page, or contact our customer support team.

Can I get a discount if I buy Bulk Telegram Accounts?

Sure you can. Contact our support team get more information.