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Quora is a social knowledge-sharing service, a question-and-answer website for its users from different countries. However, it is not like Google. As service uses an algorithm to rank the value of each user's response based on the ratings of their previous responses. There is not only an option to upvote or downvote answers but to make a complaint about an answer, suggest some edits, or even edit the original question and source. All of this makes Quora something between Wikipedia and Reddit but more serious than the last one. The service also uses a machine learning algorithm to classify the topic of a question based on the user's history of questions and answers. Quora has more than 20 500 000 everyday visitors, so not only it can be very helpful in terms of simple knowledge, but in terms of using this service as another platform for promoting yourself or your business.

How to use Quora and Why should you buy Quora accounts

As was already been mentioned, Quora is a knowledge-sharing service. However, it can also be a very powerful tool for promoting your business. And since there are all kinds of questions being asked on Quora - starting from finance or religion and ending up with which vacuum cleaner to choose - it opens up a possibility almost for any business sphere to use it as a platform for promotion. here are some examples of what you can do with a Quora account and why you should sometimes buy Quora accounts

  • Firstly you should know, that you actually can’t do much without an account. Even just surf through a website (moreover an app). So it is mandatory to have a Quora account even to just check out websites in a first place

  • You can easily promote your service by answering questions on Quora or even leaving your own ones. For example, if you’re an IT courses school, you can answer a question like “how to earn money” by leaving a link to your website. And this is how you’ll get free and completely organic traffic

  • Quora uses an algorithm that ranks each question and answer. So you need to make sure that your questions/answers have a high rank. And easiest way to do it is by artificially increasing rank with other Quora accounts

  • In 2021, Quora required users to register with the complete form of their real names rather than an Internet nickname. Considering the point above, you should really consider buying ready to use quora accounts rather than trying to create them yourself

  • As on many other social media accounts, you can run advertising campaigns on Quora as well

Features that will make you want to purchase Quora account

As you can see, Quora's service is quite different from other social media platforms. Both in the form of entertainment and promotion as well. However, there are still 4 key features, that will definitely increase your interest in purchasing Quora account

  1. Quora is all about value. And you can gain it easily by entering discussions on the platform and leaving helpful answers or interesting questions. And once you’ll gain this value you can easily ask other users to make some simple actions in return that will benefit for you

  2. Quora users are seeking and waiting for answers to questions. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, where users might not be interested in your product or service, on Quora you can easily pick up a question suitable to the service/goods you offer. And this way get potential customers that are really interested in buying

  3. Quora content stays relevant much longer than any other social platform. If on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts live from 24h to couple of days and then drops down the feed, on Quora a lot of questions and answers for them will be relevant even after several years

  4. High search optimization. When a person searches for something on Google, there is a high chance that the answer will be published on the Quora platform, and the result will be on the first page.

As you can see, Quora can be an easy and long-term tool for promotion.

Best place to purchase Quora accounts

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