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GMX mail accounts for sale on Accsmaster

GMX (shorten from Global Mail eXchange) is a free email service that is supported by advertising and is most popular in Western Europe. The GMX Mail service was founded in 1997. It has been part of the United Internet since 2001. When in February 2009 a popular French webmail service Caramai was shut down, GMX Mail bought the Caramail domain name and provided services to old Caramail users. In 2010, GMX Mail acquired the American email domain Mail.com. Currently, there are 3 domains - gmx.de, gmx.net, and gmx.com. And the audience of active account users is 13-14 million people.

Why buy GMX mail accounts

Similar to Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, GMX mail is not just a simple email service, but also every GMX email account includes Mail Collector(collecting mail from other mail services), Organizer, File Storage, and Address Book. It has also some additional functionality such as:

  • Unlimited mailbox space.

  • Complete list of contacts. For each interlocutor, a photo, addresses, and phones can be set.

  • Using a secure SSL connection.

  • Possibility of electronic signature and auto-response.

  • Antivirus and spam protection.

  • Possibility to login to Facebook using the registered GMX login and password

In addition to the free version, the service offers paid versions of GMX ProMail, GMX TopMail, and GMX MailXchange with more functionality.

What can GMX net accounts be used for?

First things first these accounts can be used for their main purpose - emailing other people. And considering the features listed above it is a very comfortable service for emailing. On top of that GMX accounts can be easily used for registering different social media accounts as it’s a highly trusted email service. And make no doubt about it - all accounts listed on our site are fresh and have no previous activity on them. So you can use them to register absolutely anywhere.

Where to buy GMX emails?

Here at Accsmaster, we offer good quality accounts with all safety protocols such as POP3/SMTP/IMAP already enabled. You can also check out other emails for sale. We always have enough accounts in stock to make bulk purchases if you're interested. And bulk discounts can always be negotiated in our support chat which is online 24/7.