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Why purchase aged Instagram accounts?

Instagram still remains one of the most powerful tools for promoting yourself and your product to a wide audience that specifically you want to aim for. And buying an Old Instagram account is a great way to save your time and start promoting faster. However, not every IG account is perfectly suitable for every method of promotion you may use. Therefore we are going to cover several reasons why you should consider getting an aged Instagram account for sale. These accounts are often more valuable because they have already built up a following and are more likely to have higher engagement rates.

Reasons to buy Aged Instagram account

  • Much fewer limitations: Fresh Instagram accounts have a lot of restrictions on posting, DMs, uploading, etc. But an aged account has much fewer limitations on all kinds of possible activities on the account. However, there are still recommendations for the amount of each respective activity. To know more you can read an article on our website, search in Google or contact us in the support chat

  • Bigger post and captions amount. When you’re using an aged Instagram account you can upload up to 12 photos per day and each may contain up to 2000 symbols. This can gradually increase your presence in your target audience’s feed

  • Higher Engagement: Aged accounts often have higher engagement rates than fresh accounts because they have had more time to build a following and establish themselves on the platform. This can be a valuable asset when trying to increase your visibility and reach on Instagram.

  • Authenticity: Aged accounts are often perceived as more authentic than fresh accounts because they have a history on the platform. This can be important when trying to build trust with your audience and establish yourself as a reliable source of information or products.

  • Trustworthiness: Aged Instagram accounts are often perceived as more trustworthy than fresh accounts because they have been around for a while. Also, they are verified Instagram accounts. This can be important when trying to build credibility and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

How you can check the age of your Instagram account?

When buying an aged Instagram account you may want to check its age to be sure you’ve acquired a good quality product. Once you’ll have full control of your aged account you can go to account settings and there you’ll find an original date of creation. Here at Accsmaster, we offer old Instagram accounts for sale with a different year of creation

Where to buy an Old Instagram account?

Whether you're looking to buy verified Old Instagram account, buy real Instagram account, or buy aged Instagram account, make sure to do your research and only buy from trustworthy and responsible sellers. At Accsmaster we offer cheap Old Instagram accounts for sale which is reliable and with a warranty. Here is a simple way how to buy them

  1. Choose one of the available options for aged Instagram accounts for sale. Select the one with Ip and year of registration according to your needs. You can pick more than one as we have great prices for bulk Instagram accounts purchases which you can always discuss at our support chat

  2. Insert your email address in the field. You’ll receive credentials to purchased accounts to this email once the payment will go through

  3. Pick one of the available payment methods. We have a big variety of payment methods such as cards, cryptocurrency, Skrill, Apple/Samsung pay, and others.

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