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Steam accounts for sale

Steam is the most popular platform for games. Created back in 2003 by Valve Corporation as a simple app for playing CS 1.6 in the network, it rapidly grew into a worldwide platform for millions of gamers, where not only Valve’s own games are hosted, but thousands of other games as well. Starting from AAA game titles and straight up to small indie games. And apart from that there are plenty more cool features (like steam workshop, steam community market, etc) that can be accessed using your steam account which can be registered completely free. However not all features available straight after registration

Reasons to buy Steam account

Steam platform has a big amount of interesting features on the platform itself as well as connected to some particular games. To use some of them you have to spend a certain amount of money on the platform or level of the account. And for games most often you have to have a specific amount of hours already played. This is why sometimes it can be a great option to purchase Steam accounts. Here are some possible scenarios:

  • You want to trade on the steam market. For this, you should have a trade function enabled which in its own right requires spending some sum of money on games or DLCs to them. If you need an account for trading but you don’t want to give extra money straight into Gaben’s pocket, you can just buy a cheap Steam account with trade already enabled

  • Playing CS:GO on Faceit. If you are tired of matchmaking on Valve’s own servers and want to join Faceit league you should have an account with a certain amount of hours into the game. You can either play them yourself or just purchase a Steam account with the required amount of hours played. This can be a useful option if you got banned from Faceit

  • Boosting ranks in games. In many games, especially Valve’s own ones, developers are trying hard to lower the number of smurfs and boosted accounts in games. The easiest way to detect a smurf account is its lifetime. Therefore, if you want to produce boosted accounts for different games you should consider buying aged Steam accounts for it

There are also other potential reasons for buying Steam accounts but most of them are similar to those listed above.

Can I sell you my own Steam account?

If you happened to have a Steam account that suits or categories of Steam accounts for sale and you wish to sell it you may check out our Partnership page for all the information