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YouTube channels for sale

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has been constantly increasing in popularity with a current amount of monthly users of more than 2,5 billion, which collectively watch more than one billion hours of video each day. On top of that, Youtube has a daily income of 100 hundred thousand dollars. So there is no secret that Google (which owns YouTube) is interested in increasing the number of channels. And from the creator's point of view, YouTube is still the best place to advertise your established product and highlight its ups in videos, as it has the most payable audience compared to its competitors( in the form of TikTok and Instagram). However, with an increase in popularity comes also an increase in regulations. Therefore it’s not as easy to start and run a profitable channel as it was several years ago.

Why buy YouTube accounts?

If you have decided to start a Youtube channel for either promotion of your brand/product or to become an influencer or blogger, you have two options. The first one is creating a YouTube channel yourself. And as easy as it may sound, in reality, there are some tricks to it. To create a Youtube channel you need to have a Gmail account with a phone number connected. And it’s better not to use your personal Gmail account and create a separate account. Plus, the channel should have some lifetime before uploading videos, as it might be recognized as suspicious activity. The second option is much easier. Instead of spending time and money creating and waiting for a YouTube channel to lay off, you can just buy Gmail with YouTube account verified with a number that is ready to use. Here at AccsMaster, we have different Youtube accounts for sale for different purposes: it can be either fresh Youtube channels for sale, channels with established audiences, or even monetized Youtube channels for purchase.

Buy Youtube channels with subscribers

One of the key factors that are showing Youtube (and the audience as well) the value of a channel is still the number of subscribers. Because channels with at least a thousand subscribers look more trusted than those that don't have any/ Which is why it’s a great option to purchase a Youtube channel with subscribers already added to it. On our website, we offer Youtube channels with 1000 subscribers for sale (which is a minimum required for monetization applying) and Youtube channels for sale with 3000 subscribers. The second option might suit better for those who would like to have an even higher trust level at the start.

YouTube Channels with monetization for sale

Two major start points for applying for monetization are 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of content watched on your channel within the last 12 months. And if subscribers are not a big deal, reaching 4000 hours watched usually is way harder than it sounds. Especially if you produce videos that are 6-10 minutes length. On top of that, if you had at least one strike on one of your videos, YouTube might decline to give you monetization from the first attempt. Luckily, you can just buy monetized youtube channels on our platform. This is completely legal and will save you tons of time as well as allow you to generate revenue from the channel straight away.