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Mail.ru Accounts for sale on AccsMaster

Mail.ru is a free online email service that offers a variety of free and paid features which can be useful for both personal use and business communications or promotion. Among the free features we can point out the following ones: 

  1. standard email services;

  2. instant messaging; 

  3. spam filtering;

  4. online storage. 

 Moreover, Mail.ru offers a number of paid features including increased storage capacity, advanced spam filtering, and customizable webmail themes. 

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Buy Mail.ru accounts - FAQ

How to change language to English?

If you have purchased an account on our website and the interface is in Russian, please, try logging in on the eng.mail.ru domain, and the language will be changed to English automatically.

What’s the difference between mail.ru and bk.ru and inbox ru accounts?

There is no difference between them as the services are produced by the same provider. You can log into both inbox and bk email on mail.ru website.