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Pinterest is a social media network that allows its users to upload images or videos, save them, search for other images, and share them with others. The main feed is formed here by an algorithm that analyzes user requests and selects the most appropriate pins, similar to TikTok. It was created in order for people to enable saving and discover all kinds of information and fresh "ideas" on the internet using images, and on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos, which are hosted on the platform in the form of pins. Since its launch the site has been growing slowly but gradually and has 450 million global monthly active users as of December 2022. 

Why do you need to buy Pinterest accounts

Pinterest has several key features that make him stand out from other similar social media networks and even make it quite unique.

  • Exploring. You can see a lot of different pins in your feed that are generated not only by your interests that you’ve stated in the setting but also based on what you actually view more.

  • Visual search. In 2015, Pinterest introduced a feature that allows users to search with images instead of words and also shows results that are similar to the one you were searching for. It’s called a Pinterest lens.

  • Shopping and catalogs. Also in 2015, Pinterest unveiled "buyable pins" that allow users to purchase things directly from Pinterest. In a couple of years, they also added a shopping recommendation feature, that shows you more products from the brand you are interested in.

  • Pinterest analytics. Pinterest can provide you with lots of user data for analytics such as impressions, engagements, Pin clicks, saves, and some other ones to improve your “board”. it can be accessed with a business version of a Pinterest account.

  • Creator fund. In 2021 Pinterest declared its desire to support content creators and help them monetize content directly through the platform

Reasons to buy Pinterest accounts

As simple as Pinterest accounts might look in the first place, they have a lot of ways how they can be used. here are some of them and reasons to purchase Pinterest accounts:

  • Self Promotion. Pinterest accounts can be easily used for free promotion of your work if you are, for example, a designer or an artist, or just a creative person. Potential clients may check out your pins and reach you through the platform

  • Partnering. You may partner with brands on Pinterest, as it has a paid partnership feature. Just create a pin idea in your app, add a paid partnership tag in the options, and tag your pin with a brand. When accounts of a tagged brand approve the tag, the brand name will appear on your Idea Pin.

  • Viewing and sending messages. You can receive messages, reply to them, and share Pins and boards with other Pinterest users and with this feature find colleague creators, for example

  • Traffic source. You can easily generate more traffic to your website or YouTube channel with Pinterest accs

  • Pinterest is a great place to find a source of inspiration, ideas for a house renovation, or just pleasurable pictures. However, it’s almost impossible to view a website or app if you’re not signed in. So you should have a Pinterest accounts for it. 

  • You may build a whole botnet with these accounts

  • Pinterest accounts can be used for advertising on the platform

  • Recent privacy and security policies often lead to unreasonable bans on accounts. Therefore, if you intend to promote your business it’s easier to buy Pinterest account, than to create a new one