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Onet.pl is the largest Polish web portal and online news platform. According to internet reports, it is the largest news source in the country, and also one of the most-quoted news media in Poland. Onet offers a wide range of services such as an online encyclopedia, email, web hosting, web forums, and online chats. 

The email service offered by Onet is not only completely free but also offers a variety of features required for secure and effective usage. The provider offers intelligent folder sorting, easy navigation, and a wide selection of available domains. Onet pl email can also be accessed from both PC and mobile devices as the provider offers free mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Onet also allows you to add many addresses to a single inbox, so you can have all of your emails in one place. Moreover, thanks to the availability of the 2FA option, you can be sure that your account and personal data are safe and secure.  

Finally, among the available features, we can highlight Onet Payments, which allows you to pay your bills via email with a few clicks. If you are billed by one of the supported providers, you will receive a letter in a special folder in your inbox. The letter will contain all the payment details, and you will be given the option to pay the bill in one click. Considering the fact that, such an option is unique and is not offered by any of the competitors, we indeed can call it a killer feature of Onet.pl email. 

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