FB Accs: Verified Facebook Business Manager

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Price per piece from $299.99
QTY 17 pcs
Account Type: Business Managers
Followers/Subs: 0
Content: Yes
Registaration date:
Gender Multi
Account name alphabet Latin
Registaration IP Geo No
Email verification Yes
Email registration Yes
Email adress inclusion Not Included
Phone registration No
Phone verification No
Order may take up to 168 Hours to Deliver.


Facebook BMs are transferred to your personal account as an invitation link. 

  • BM registered and verified as from US
  • 1 Ad account has already been added/created
  • Ad account currency - $
  • Starting daily spending limit will depend on the account you connect to Facebook Business Manager and your payment method. Most Verified Business Managers will have unlimited daily spending limits after some spending and bills.

NOTE: To accept the invitation, you must already have the warmed-up account.

You need to accept the invitation link within 24 hours after the order receiving

Example of authorization data (The format is for guidance only and may vary slightly):

BM ID:invitation link 1:invitation link 2

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